You Make a Difference


Every day the Paul Andrew McDaniel Foundation makes a difference in the lives of people touched by stroke in local communities.


Your gift goes a long way in helping Paul Andrew McDaniel Foundation achieve its mission to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke and the huge need for organs both locally and nationally.




By making a donation today, you could be helping a family member or friend tomorrow.


You Have a Choice
You can make your gift a one-time donation or pledge to make regular, repeated donations throughout the year. Your gift can be earmarked to honor special occasions in your loved ones' lives -- holidays, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, etc. or to celebrate the memory of someone who passed on following a stroke or who gave the gift of life to someone else. You can also plan your gift to benefit future generations of those affected by stroke. Either way, you have a choice of how to help today.

There are many volunteer opportunities that we can offer:


We need many volunteers when we speak at elementary schools, high schools, churches, and other public events. If you want to share your story to "Young America," please contact Tim McDaniel at 901-301-6420 or email

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Giving the Gift of Life

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